Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Switching to Netflix can save you money

Netflix was one of the first companies to provide movie rental service via mail. These days, in addition to being one of the top Blu Ray rental services, Netflix is known for its Watch Instantly service. Selected Movies and TV shows are available for streaming on demand. What is insanely great about this service is that you can stream Netflix to a wide variety of devices. Game consoles like the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii will stream Netflix content. Netflix content is available on most iOS devices including the iPod Touch, iPad and Apple TV. Roku makes a series of set top boxes that stream Netflix and there are several Internet ready TVs and Blu Ray players that will stream Netflix as well.

Netflix will also allow you to set up queues for your DVDs and Watch Instantly titles. You can change the order of either queue as often as you'd like. As you establish a pattern of movies and/or TV viewing, you'll be pointed to titles that you may like automatically. You can review titles if you're an armchair critic and even share your comments on Facebook.

As of this writing, movie rentals and streaming are only available in the US while Canadians can only stream content. This isn't a technological limitation as it is more of a licensing issue. Starting at $9 a month you can really cut into your cable bill!

Next post, I will talk about how you can access your favorite sports and still save money on cable!


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