Monday, November 22, 2010

So how much money will I save on my cable tv bill?

First a word about how much money you save. I am not guaranteeing that you will save $100 a month. You may save more, you may save less. Depending on what you have for equipment you may not see a savings in the short term. Before we cut back on our service, I already had an Xbox 360 and a Playstation 3. I have been a Netflix subscriber since 2002. I didn't pay for my Xbox; I won it in a contest when they were launched in 2005. Not including my PS3, I had a device that would let me stream content for free and I was already paying for Netflix. My costs were only the cost of the Netflix membership.

If you have premium channels, you will save money by making this switch. You will have to give up watching the latest shows the day they premiere to catch them on Hulu or wait for a DVD collection to come out.

If you don't have a home computer or a game console that will allow you to stream content, you can pick up a set top box for as little as $60 (Roku products on Amazon) and a streaming only Netflix membership for $8 a month. If you're giving up at least two premium channels you can recoup your costs within a month. You can even get free trials of Netflix as a new subscriber.

At this point I hope that you have made the decision to try saving money on cable TV. From this point we will be looking closely at the devices and content providers that you can take advantage of to supplement your TV programming.


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