Thursday, December 2, 2010

How can I use a media player to manage my shows?

The term media player could be used to describe the different programs or devices that allow you to watch or listen to content.

Your computer likely has a default media player program. If it is a windows machine, your default program is Windows Media Player. On an Apple computer it would be iTunes. These are not your only choices. VLC is a free open-source media player. TVersity, Winamp and RealPlayer have free versions of their players but they both have premium full featured versions for a fee. For ease of use, Windows Media Player will be sufficient for most users. VLC is a popular media player with enthusiasts because it will allow you to view a wide range of content types and stream content to many different devices that have VLC software on them.

Western Digital makes a set of media player devices will allow you to stream content, including DVDs, from your home network to your TV. These devices are Netflix ready and some will deliver 1080p content to your television. You can find them online ranging from $90 to $125 on average depending on features. You can price them on Amazon. Western Digital WD TV Live Plus HD Media Player


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